Bubble Gum Krunch



Enter a world of nostalgia with our Bubble Gum Taffy Krunch, a unique twist on a boardwalk classic. Our freeze-dried, saltwater taffy is the perfect blend of old-fashioned goodness and modern-day innovation, taking your candy experience to new, crunchy heights!

Bursting with the playful flavor of bubble gum, each piece of Bubble Gum Taffy Krunch provides an exciting culinary journey. At first touch, you will notice its lightweight and satisfyingly crunchy texture – a delightful surprise from our proprietary freeze-drying process. However, as it melts in your mouth, the taffy returns to its original, delightfully chewy state. The thrilling transformation from crunch to chew is an experience to savor, making it the perfect candy for kids and adults alike.

Bubble Gum is the authentic salt water taffy flavor. Produced with the traditional boiling, stretching, and pulling methods, this taffy captures the genuine, sweet-and-salty essence of the timeless seaside treat. Post-production, the candy is freeze-dried, intensifying the flavor and ensuring the fun bubble gum taste lingers on your palate longer.

Beyond the mouthwatering taste and unique texture, Bubble Gum Taffy Krunch is a product you can feel good about. It’s made with only high-quality ingredients and is free from artificial preservatives. Moreover, our taffy is gluten-free and produced in a nut-free facility, making it a suitable choice for those with specific dietary needs.


Whether reminiscing about summers at the fair or seeking a novel sweet treat, our candy is your perfect companion. Delivered in our signature resealable packaging, it’s the ideal treat for sharing at parties, gifting on special occasions, or simply indulging in a moment of sweet serenity.

Get ready to crunch, chew, and delight in the unexpected with Bubble Gum Taffy Krunch, the innovative twist on a classic treat that will create waves of happiness in every bite. We invite you to try this crunchy, chewy wonder today and let the magic of our Bubble Gum Taffy Krunch transport you to the joy-filled days of yore!


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